Get the last SMS from mm_modem_messaging_list

Andrea Schäfer andrea.schaefer at
Wed May 8 17:02:30 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I have some trouble with pulling a received SMS from the ModemManager
messaging-list. Roughly described I'm doing things like so:

  gdbus_sms = MM_GDBUS_MODEM_MESSAGING(mm_sms->modem_messaging);
  g_signal_connect (gdbus_sms, "added",
                    G_CALLBACK (cb_dbus_signal_sms_added),

In 'cb_dbus_signal_sms_added' I call 'mm_modem_messaging_list', and in
its '(GAsyncReadyCallback)list_ready_cb' I iterate through the GList
that I get with 'mm_modem_messaging_list_finish'. But the last received
SMS isn't in the list then. The SMS is included in the list when the
next SMS is received, so the list content always lags one behind in this

Do I miss a step in the sequence, or could it be a timing issue?


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