Get the last SMS from mm_modem_messaging_list

Enrico Mioso at
Wed May 8 17:25:52 UTC 2019

Hello Andrea,
hello all!!
Andrea, can you explain me how you arrived to that code? I am curioust to learn!! And understand. So I would appreciate some explanations.

I did the same this way:
mmobject = agh_mm_get_mmobject(mstate, modem);
messaging = mm_object_get_modem_messaging(mmobject);

signal_id = g_signal_connect(messaging, "added", G_CALLBACK(agh_mm_modem_sms_added), mstate);

but then I faced your same issue.
BTW, due to the "marshaller" used in this case, I am not able to pass user data (e.g.: mstate).
Is there a way around this?
May we change the marshaller used in MM?

thank you all!!


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