Run ModemManager in debug mode

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sun Dec 6 07:47:25 UTC 2020


>     After board boots we are changing the ModeManger.service as (ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ModemManager --debug)
> but that is not good practice.
>     How We can run ModemManager in debug mode while compiling yocto image itself ?
>     build platform = yocto

The --debug option gives you 2 things: debug log and AT command
support via the Command() API.

If it's a change you require always by default in all your builds, you
could patch the ModemManager recipe to modify the service file to add
the --debug.

If you need to enable the debug log only sometimes during runtime, you
could use "mmcli -G DEBUG" to change the daemon logging level.

If what you need is to unconditionally have AT command support via the
Command() API always, you can modify the ModemManager recipe to
configure the build with the --with-at-command-via-dbus option, that
will enable that API by default regardless of whether --debug is used
during runtime or not.


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