Location of rmnet setup

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Sat Oct 3 12:34:10 UTC 2020

Hey Michał!

> We've decided to move the rmnet configuration to libqmi. It seems to be a better place because there is already a class for QRTR control socket.

I would suggest discussing in the public mailing list or in gitlab
issues this kind of thing, so that everyone can participate in the

> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mkm/libqmi/-/commit/3e063884efd6cc217e91be4601ee3b
> This patch adds a new class for QRTR data port. During initialization it opens an INET socket to bring up the rmnet_ipa device and uses the rmnetctl library to create a virtual network device (rmnet_data0). This new device will be used in ModemManager.

How is it that the "QRTR data port" does nothing with the QRTR
protocol? Yes, this rmnet data port is the one that would be used for
data while QRTR is used for control, but I don't think libqrtr would
be the place to add this. From an outsider perspective, you could say
you need libqmi+libqrtr for control, and rmnetctl to bring up the data
network interface, but I wouldn't add this new object in libqrtr, as
it really has nothing to do with the QRTR protocol itself.

If you ask me, ModemManager is a better place for this, e.g. a let's
say a MMPortRmnet object which would map the virtual network interface
created with rmnetctl. Oh wait, I did already suggest something like
this in a previous email that was never replied...


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