ModemManager 1.14.2 Setup - undefined symbol error and/or '' was moved error

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Oct 22 15:26:12 UTC 2020


> Thank-you for your advice. We've managed to install version 1.14.2 with no further issues following the steps you outlined.
> Unfortunately, when using the software, we didn't quite get the result that we were hoping for - our modem reported capability is still only shown as being 4g when we would expect/hope to see 5gnr.
> We're working with the SIMCOM8200-M2 unit (
> We think this issue might be related to the qmi driver rather than a problem with ModemManager.
> We received a qmi_wwan driver for the module from the manufacturer that we haven't installed yet.

I would be very surprised if this issue was due to changes in the
kernel driver. Are you able to post those qmi_wwan driver changes
somewhere to review? Or, could you ask the manufacturer to do so?

> We didn't need to do this update when doing operations in LTE (which was using MM 1.12.8) as everything was happy with the default drivers.
> We have a functioning gNB in our lab, which the modem will connect to (verified by the gNB / 5GPC and the modem using AT Commands) but we can't "share" this connectivity with the compute platform connected to the modem.
> Is there anything that you could maybe suggest to address this?

MM git master has additional changes 5G related, but I believe
everything should work as expected in MM 1.14 as long as you're using
the modem in QMI mode. I would first validate that; i.e. what's the
output of "mmcli -m 0"?

And then, I would probably go on and either enable debug logging in MM
(launching the daemon manually with --debug or otherwise running mmcli
-G DEBUG to change the level on runtime"), and see what QMI messages
are being transferred between the module and MM.

You could also try running qmicli NAS operations like qmicli
--nas-get-system-info and --nas-get-signal-info and such.

Also, is this 5G NSA or 5G SA? There are some reports about 5G SA
IIRC, e.g.


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