Using ModemManager getting IP but not reflecting to NetworkManager

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Sep 10 07:40:49 UTC 2020


>      We are using EC20 LTE module connected to Intel Soc board via usb.
>       OS - yocto based linux
>        kernel version - 4.14
>        Installed driver - qmi_wwan, option driver
>       I am attaching a document for modemmanager testing with our LTE module.
>       please look into that .

Next time please explain the problem in text in the email itself
instead of attaching a PDF, because that way search engines can map
the emails in the public archive and that may also be helpful for
others in the future ;)

Looking at the steps you're following, it looks like you're manually
connecting the modem (with mmcli?) and not using NetworkManager for
that? If you connect the modem manually with mmcli, the IP settings
are not automatically set in the network interface, which is what
you're seeing. What you need to do is have NetworkManager trigger the
bearer connection, without doing that yourself with mmcli.

I can see how NM says the device is unmanaged; and given that this is
a Yocto build, please make sure NetworkManager is built with the
correct ModemManager support (i.e. configure with

Then, you can try to create a "gsm" connection in NM without any
explicit "ifname"; that way, if you only have one single modem in your
system, NetworkManager will try to find a suitable device for the
$ nmcli c add type gsm con-name quectel apn internet
$ nmcli c up quectel

If you do require the ifname, "cdc-wdm0" would have been the correct
one to use, as that is the control port of the modem.


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