Using ModemManager getting IP but not reflecting to NetworkManager

NIKHIL PATIL nikhilvp29 at
Fri Sep 11 06:54:40 UTC 2020

hi Aleksander,
       Thanks for your reply.
i have some douts .

1) Without giving manually a mmcli commands then how we can give ? and when
NetworkManager take automatically ip from ModemManager (mmcli -b 0) and
     assign to LTE interface ?

2) nmcli d output :-
     DEVICE                    TYPE           STATE
    wwp0s21f0u5i4        wwan             *disconnected*

         here TYPE is *wwan* coming not *gsm* , when we are running *nmcli
c add type gsm con-name quectel apn internet  *command
         here we are giving TYPE as gsm . is it will make issue ?

      I tried lot but STATE of LTE interface not Showing *connected* ,
after running mmcli and nmcli commands.

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 1:11 PM Aleksander Morgado <aleksander at>

> Hey,
> >      We are using EC20 LTE module connected to Intel Soc board via usb.
> >       OS - yocto based linux
> >        kernel version - 4.14
> >        Installed driver - qmi_wwan, option driver
> >
> >       I am attaching a document for modemmanager testing with our LTE
> module.
> >       please look into that .
> Next time please explain the problem in text in the email itself
> instead of attaching a PDF, because that way search engines can map
> the emails in the public archive and that may also be helpful for
> others in the future ;)
> Looking at the steps you're following, it looks like you're manually
> connecting the modem (with mmcli?) and not using NetworkManager for
> that? If you connect the modem manually with mmcli, the IP settings
> are not automatically set in the network interface, which is what
> you're seeing. What you need to do is have NetworkManager trigger the
> bearer connection, without doing that yourself with mmcli.
> I can see how NM says the device is unmanaged; and given that this is
> a Yocto build, please make sure NetworkManager is built with the
> correct ModemManager support (i.e. configure with
> --with-modem-manager-1).
> Then, you can try to create a "gsm" connection in NM without any
> explicit "ifname"; that way, if you only have one single modem in your
> system, NetworkManager will try to find a suitable device for the
> connection:
> $ nmcli c add type gsm con-name quectel apn internet
> $ nmcli c up quectel
> If you do require the ifname, "cdc-wdm0" would have been the correct
> one to use, as that is the control port of the modem.
> --
> Aleksander
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