Using ModemManager getting IP but not reflecting to NetworkManager

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sun Sep 13 05:53:25 UTC 2020

Hey Nikhil,

>       We are installing NetworkManager and ModemManager as a package while yocto image building .
>       Networkmanager Version :- 1.10.6
>       ModemManager version :- 1.6.4
> 1)  You mean that no need to run mmcli commands manually , when module detects networkmanager will automatically take ip from there.

Yes, that is right. As long as you have NetworkManager running and
correct settings available, you can just rely on NM/nmcli to bring up
the connection, no need to touch mmcli for anything.

> 2)  > Are you building NetworkManager with the --with-modem-manager-1
>  > explicit configure option? Can you confirm whether that's the case?
> > Actually, could you post the output of the configure report when NM is built?
>   yes. i am building Networkmanager with ModemManager  , how to give explicit configure option .
>   do you want Networkmanager status report ?

Check the NetworkManager build output, look for the initial configure
report, and check if "modemmanager: yes" is being reported.

And while you're at it, I'd suggest you use a newer MM version as
well; 1.6.4 is totally unsupported right now. :)


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