Using ModemManager getting IP but not reflecting to NetworkManager

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Sep 14 16:15:22 UTC 2020


> 1) These is a small part of file containg modemmanager , need to change here for linking modemmanager with networkmanager?
> PACKAGECONFIG[concheck] = "--with-libsoup=yes,--with-libsoup=no,libsoup-2.4"
> PACKAGECONFIG[modemmanager] = "--with-modem-manager-1=yes,--with-modem-manager-1=no,modemmanager"
> PACKAGECONFIG[ppp] = "--enable-ppp,--disable-ppp,ppp,ppp"

I don't remember exactly how yocto recipes are supposed to work; is it
that "if the modemanager package is included in build,
--with-modem-manager-1=yes is explicitly used"? Or is it that "if the
modemmanager config option in the networkmanager package is selected,
--with-modem-manager-1=yes is explicitly used"?

If you want to confirm, in any case, you can just look at the NM
package configure/build output, that will tell you whether MM support
is being correctly enabled or not.

> 2)nmcli d output :-
>      DEVICE                    TYPE                STATE                       CONNECTION
>     wwp0s21f0u5i4          wwan             disconnected                       ----
>      Why my connection type is coming as wwan ?
>       but we are giving nmcli commands considering as type gsm

If I'm not mistaken, you should see a "cdc-wdm0" device type "gsm"
once your modem is correctly detected by the MM+NM combo. That's why
I'm asking to confirm the build options used in NM.


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