SEGFAULT with MM HEAD when probing

Elias Rudberg mail at
Wed Apr 21 21:30:22 UTC 2021

Hello Bjørn,

> [6596]: <debug> [1619029470.853036] [ttyUSB0/qcdm] opening serial
> [6596]: <debug> [1619029470.854109] [ttyUSB0/qcdm] device open count
is 1 (open)
> [6596]: <debug> [1619029470.854688] [cdc-wdm0/probe] probing QMI...
> Thread 1 "ModemManager" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

Not sure if this makes sense, but it's an idea anyway: could it be that
wrong version of libqmi gets used somehow?

You mentioned just changing to latest libqmi, maybe the old version is
still around somehow and causes problems? Maybe check using ldd which
libqmi is really used, and/or rebuild from scratch after double-
checking that any old libqmi version is removed so that it can't pick
the wrong one?

Best regards,

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