UE Initiated Dedicated Bearer

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Mon Apr 26 17:01:31 UTC 2021


> I then came across this MR https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mobile-broadband/ModemManager/-/merge_requests/477?commit_id=bb6ed93dda185e679b76f77ffc67aa3a4a9eaf83 which appears to be related to creating multiple bearers and configuring said profiles through MM. I didn't see anything specifically related to QOS/dedicated bearers but it made me wonder if this goal could be accomplished with MM.  I am curious if anyone has experience with creating UE Initiated Dedicated bearers with AT commands? Or, more related to the context of this forum, if there are provisions for this configuration within MM.

That branch is related to creating multiple default bearers / primary
contexts. There is no support in MM, at the moment, to create
dedicated bearers / secondary contexts with different QoS settings.
Would be a nice addition though, although not completely trivial (as
the lifecycle of the dedicated/secondary is bound to the lifecycle of
a different default/primary one).


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