ModemManager 1.16

Teijo Kinnunen teijo.kinnunen at
Fri Jan 8 14:03:39 UTC 2021

Hi Aleksander,

On 8.1.2021 12.43, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

> I had quite some things scheduled in my TODO list for the next 1.16
> release; e.g. the better handling of charsets during runtime (for
> cases when the provided iconv() is limited), the Multi-SIM
> Multi-Active support, and more importantly, the PCI support via MHI...
> But unfortunately I don't have much spare time now, and the time I was
> hoping to find during these past holidays has been literally
> non-existent... The most important piece, the MHI support, depends on
> the kernel bits, which are right now on the LKML queue for review, so
> those may be integrated soon.
> That said, we have quite some new things in git master already, and
> it's time for a new stable, so I think I'll try to do that in the next
> few weeks. If we can get the MHI bits in before that, perfect;
> otherwise, they'll go to 1.16.2 whenever it is.
> If any of you is also waiting for a new 1.16, please please test git
> master as much as possible!

Thanks for the information, looking forward to the new release! I will
try to find some time for testing the master head myself next week.

Best regards,

- Teijo

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