[RFC] Exposing profiles (provisioned contexts) in the API

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Wed Jan 13 08:55:10 UTC 2021


> I picked the single property for the initial implementation so that MM
> would notify consumers when the profiles list changed via OTA update.
> If we are moving to a D-Bus method to list them instead, then we
> should preserve this behavior somewhere else (i.e. a separate signal).
> Chrome OS should be able to handle OTA updates properly as long as we
> have that.
> Regarding the "set option" I had also specified D-Bus methods for some
> other operations (create, modify, delete; creating a bearer from a
> profile) but these were never implemented as the modem I was using had
> a firmware bug that caused issues when I was testing it. After that I
> was pulled away for other work and unfortunately never got to pick
> this back up.

Give you already started the work with the property, maybe it's not a
bad idea to go on with it for now. Changing it to the other API types
wouldn't be that difficult after all.

I've rebased your branch on top of git master, and I'm going to push
more changes there.


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