please help me to understand whats is going on, connected byt ping -I wwan0 is not woprking no network istead.

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Jan 29 09:07:27 UTC 2021


> Tnak You for the reply ,
> ok, so the IP setting of wwan0 are by default set witch dhclient -4
> wwan0 realy no idea what dhclient does there , but after restart it
> all
> works perfect, til some time.

Ah, ok. So what's probably happening here is that at some point the
network is disconnecting you, you lose full data connectivity, but
ModemManager still thinks you're connected. It's been a long time
since I've tested a MBIM Huawei device, so not really sure if I've
seen them reporting network disconnections or not, but that is what
should have been happening: when the network kicks you out, the modem
realizes that and sends a MBIM "Basic Connect" "Connect Notification"
telling you that the activation state of the INTERNET context is
"deactivated", see the basic_connect_notification_connect() method in
the mm-broadband-modem-mbim.c source file. If your modem is not
sending you that notification, MM will still think the modem is
connected and you'll see the problem you're seeing.

You should probably try to reproduce this problem running ModemManager
and looking for these notification messages; it could very well be
that we're not processing them correctly even if they arrive.


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