please help me to understand whats is going on, connected byt ping -I wwan0 is not woprking no network istead.

Mateusz Lamparski test at
Thu Jan 28 20:43:13 UTC 2021

Tnak You for the reply ,
ok, so the IP setting of wwan0 are by default set witch dhclient -4
wwan0 realy no idea what dhclient does there , but after restart it
works perfect, til some time.

I cant understand what you meant  ?

All is working in some period of time after that is something like
, ang goess off cant ping cant do anything.

|Im not good in linux and not at all in english, if You like me to
something please write what should i write and paste to  the console

This wwwan0 is an backup connection of main internet, co it cant be
default GW, but eawen is not default gw ping for some time is
perfectly ...

Mateusz Lamparski
Toruńska 2
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mob. 504-345-118

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