Cinterion MV31-W modem support

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Jul 30 13:26:04 UTC 2021

> >       static const gchar *vendor_strings[] = { "cinterion", "siemens", NULL };
> > -    static const guint16 vendor_ids[] = { 0x1e2d, 0x0681, 0 };
> > +    static const guint16 vendor_ids[] = { 0x1e2d, 0x0681, 0x1269, 0 };
> Don't you have to add an entry to the vendor_strings when you add a
> vendor_id?

vendor_strings is only used for pure RS232 modems, as we match the
plugin to use based on that vendor string, instead of using the
vid:pid. If the modem is not supposed to be pure RS232, there is no
need to add the string.

But anyway, the newly added vid is really the Thales PCI id 0x1269
(correct me if wrong) vs the Cinterion USB id 0x1e2d; the vendor
string would be the same, because the manufacturer is still reported
as Cinterion.


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