5G QMI modem recommendation

Nick mips171 at icloud.com
Tue Jun 15 12:59:29 UTC 2021

Cool! It will be so nice to get back onto MM, you can’t do anything with the proprietary stuff.  Sure it gives you a solid connection but that’s about it…

Do you happen to know if the 5.4 series qmi_wwan driver should be compatible?   I saw qmap support getting merged not too long ago.  I’ll go ahead and point my makefile at git master tomorrow.


> On 15 Jun 2021, at 19:05, Aleksander Morgado <aleksander at aleksander.es> wrote:
> Hey Nick,
>> This is with MM 1.16.6.  Is there any special setup I should try?
> There is no data aggregation enabled in 1.16, it's only in git master.
> I need to fix some things first there before you can try that though,
> will do that soon.
> -- 
> Aleksander
> https://aleksander.es

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