Unknown behaviour when signal quality is poor

Alejandro Vega alexvega48 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 07:34:18 UTC 2021

Good morning,

> >> In our case we have switched the modem to mbim mode to be able to
> receive / be aware of sim removal notifications.
> >>
> > Didn't we already add the SIM removal notifications in QMI modems?
> > Have you tried with ModemManager git master recently?
Since which version are SIM removal notifications active for QMI modems ?
I am not sure if our system will support the latest MM release.
Is it ModemManager 1.16.0 ?

> >> Are QMI WDS indications still received when modem is in MBIM mode?
> >>
> > No, but you would get "Basic Connect" "Connect" "Notification"
> > messages, or at least that's what should happen when network-initiated
> > disconnections happen.

I am not sure I understand this correctly, what is the notification
received when modem gets disconnected ? Is it a "Disconnected" notification
or just a transition from "Connected" to "Registered" ?

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Thank you.

Alejandro Vega
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