Simtech plugin filtering out Waveshare Raspberry Pi 4G HAT

Jack Challen jackchallen at
Wed Nov 17 17:39:16 UTC 2021

Hi Aleksander,

(gmail WebUI, but I'll try to do the quoting in a sane way!)

> > Can I force the Simtech plugin to be used, or would it make no sense
because of the single serial port? Should it be claimed and usable by the
AT plugin instead? I'm more than happy to change stuff on this, because it
has no other use at the moment.
> >

> You should tag the ttyS0 interface with the "ID_MM_DEVICE_PROCESS"
> udev tag, so that MM can process the port.

Ah, sorry. I neglected to mention that I did try this. The AT plugin didn't
seem to want to claim the device, either. If it's of use I can retry with
the setting.

The Simtech plugin doesn't support non-USB modems, though, so you'll
> probably end up with the generic plugin managing the modem. If you do
> need the Simtech plugin, we could probably update it to have "vendor
> and product string filters" as some other plugins supporting RS232
> modems do (i.e. with MM_PLUGIN_ALLOWED_VENDOR_STRINGS).

I haven't tried this. I don't recollect seeing it.

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