Modifying IP configuration hosts

Carlos Ravelo cravelo35 at
Wed Nov 24 11:51:42 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I have been testing a Quectel RG50xQ module with ModemManager 1.16.6 and
everything works great, but I have noticed that my device gets an IP
configuration with a subnet that can be /28, /29, /30 depending on the IP,
and sets a default gateway. This tests are within a private APN with fixed
IP addresses per SIM. For example:

mmcli -b 0
  General      |           path: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Bearer/0
                     |           type: default
  Status         |      connected: yes
                     |      suspended: no
                     |      interface: wwan0
                     |     ip timeout: 20
  Properties   |       apn: sa.pn5g.p2p
                     |        roaming: allowed
                     |        ip type: ipv4
  IPv4 configuration
                     |        method: static
                     |        address:
                     |        prefix: 30
                     |        gateway:
                     |        dns:
                     |        mtu: 1500

I am pretty sure that this behaviour is not specific to ModemManager, but
is there a way to change this configuration? In this network we have peer
to peer enabled but because of this network settings we cannot communicate with for example.

Thanks in advance,

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