ANN: ModemManager 1.18.4 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Nov 26 09:52:19 UTC 2021

Hey hey,

This is the second bugfix release in the 1.18.x series, built from the mm-1-18 branch.

ModemManager 1.18.4

  * A new FCC unlock operation management via external scripts is introduced, which will avoid to automatically unlock FCC locked devices unless the user has configured the operation manually, or unless an official vendor-provided FCC unlock tool is found in the system.

    Please refer to the following URL for full details:

    The following changes should be taken into account by distribution packagers:
    ** A set of FCC unlock scripts named as the specific vendor 'vid' will be installed in ${datadir}/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.available.d.
    ** A set of symlinks is created named as the specific device 'vid:pid', and pointing to the per-vendor 'vid' files, in the same location inside ${datadir}.
    ** A new ${sysconfdir}/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.d directory is created, where users will manually install additional symlinks to the scripts shipped in ${datadir}.
    ** A new ${libdir}/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.d directory is created, where vendors will install their own official FCC unlock tools.
    ** Both fcc-unlock.d directories should be empty on a new install, and their contents (if any) should not be removed on ModemManager upgrades.

  * build,meson:
    ** All optional settings in the build (e.g. introspection, systemd suspend/resume support, udev...) are now booleans (true/false) instead of features. Having dependencies as 'auto' has given problems since the very beginning when using autotools, because sometimes the build goes on even if all the features required by the user were not enabled. This change in the meson build now requires the user to explicitly enable or disable features. This is for consistency across all libqrtr-glib, libqmi, libmbim and ModemManager.
    ** If the build relies on enabling specific plugins, though, these are still features (enable/disable/auto). The user may disable all plugins with `-Dauto_features=disabled` and then  enable specific plugins independently.
    ** Fixed the plugin dependency on build options.

  * libmm-glib:
    ** The license text in several source files of the library is fixed to reflect that they are LGPLv2+, as the whole library. This is not a relicense of any kind, just a fix in the wording.

  * modem interface:
    ** Always set error if creating device identifier fails.

  * firmware interface:
    ** Fix missing context initialization leading to crash.

  * profile manager interface:
    ** Fix incorrect GError ownership management.

  * mbim:
    ** Fix crash when processing DNS addresses on a connection attempt.
    ** Fix incorrect GError ownership management when reloading connection status.

  * qmi:
    ** Fix non-initialized GError.

  * sms:
    ** Merge WDP multipart CDMA WAP messages.
    ** Increase default send timeout from 180s to 300s.

  * kerneldevice:
    ** Fix pattern matching logic in the custom udev rules parser, required to correctly handle devices in the WWAN subsystem in kernel 5.13.

  * plugins:
    ** qcom-soc: this plugin is now enabled by default, so that it can be used on several new laptops based on Qualcomm SoCs.
    ** qcom-soc: updated to require the explicit ID_MM_QCOM_SOC udev tag.
    ** telit: fix critical message when attempting to unref a NULL object.
    ** telit: allow unlock retries loading for unknown error csim reply.
    ** telit: avoid sim hot swap procedure if #QSS is not supported.
    ** telit: add port type hints for LE910S1 0x7010, 0x7011 compositions.
    ** quectel: fix non-initialized GError.
    ** foxconn: added support for T99W265 modules.

  * Several other improvements and fixes.


About ModemManager:

Download here:

Verify it:
     $ sha256sum ModemManager-1.18.4.tar.xz
     11fb970f63e2da88df4b6d8759e4ee649944c515244b979bf50a7a6df1d7f199  ModemManager-1.18.4.tar.xz
     $ gpg --verify ModemManager-1.18.4.tar.xz.asc ModemManager-1.18.4.tar.xz

APIs and manpages here:

Please report bugs either to:
     modemmanager-devel at

Or to gitlab:

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