Differentiate between Cat-M and NB-IoT

Fredrik Flornes Ellertsen fellerts at fastmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:34:58 UTC 2022

Hi Aleksander,

> It's sufficient to describe where you're at, but we would obviously
> need access to that AT command documentation if we want to move
> forward :) Can you at least name what the command is without including
> the whole command documentation? Also, if the AT command reference can
> be found online because someone uploaded it (i.e. go on and google for
> that AT command and see what happens) then this information can no
> longer be bound to any NDA because it's publicly available by other
> means :)

The command is +GTRAT. I can't find any public AT command manual for
MA510/MC610, but this "L8-Family" reference is very similar:

In an ideal world we could discuss this openly, I could get help and finally
submit patches upstream. As it is, I think we need to keep our patches internal.
So I guess my question is: how would you solve this? As you say, this is "not
very well managed right now", so I wonder if improvements can be made to how
RATs/capabilities/access techs are handled without going into the details of a
particular modem. I'd be open to give this a shot and submit upstream patches
with some guidance :)

Really wish I could be of more help.


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