Differentiate between Cat-M and NB-IoT

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at chromium.org
Tue Nov 8 20:33:03 UTC 2022

Hey Fredrik,

> > Could you let us know which modem you're using and which commands (AT
> > commands I assume) can be used to query whether Cat-M, Cat-1 and/or
> > NB-IoT are supported, and how to change them?
> I'm targeting Fibocom MA510/MC610 modems. Unfortunately the AT command manual is
> confidential so I can't share the details, but suffice it to say that there
> exists a command +FOO:
>  - AT+FOO=... will set the current and preferred access technologies (AcTs).
>  - AT+FOO? will get the current and preferred AcTs.
>  - AT+FOO=? will list all supported AcTs.
> The AcT list enumerates GSM, LTE, eMTC, NB-IoT, Automatic, and sensible
> combinations of those.
> I hope this is sufficient to describe where I'm at.

It's sufficient to describe where you're at, but we would obviously
need access to that AT command documentation if we want to move
forward :) Can you at least name what the command is without including
the whole command documentation? Also, if the AT command reference can
be found online because someone uploaded it (i.e. go on and google for
that AT command and see what happens) then this information can no
longer be bound to any NDA because it's publicly available by other
means :)


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