Get modem SIM properties for mmcli

Brendan Simon brendan.simon at
Wed Apr 19 05:46:02 UTC 2023

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Is there a way to get the modem SIM properties via the mmcli command?
e.g. the ICCID or SimIdentifier
org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Sim: ModemManager Reference Manual (<>

I couldn't find anything in the help.

These docs mention the methods (such as sendpin, sendpuk, enablepin, changepin, setpreferrednetworks), which are available via mmcli.

It also mentions various properties (such as Active, SimIdentifier, IMSI, ...), but I can't find a way to retrieving those via mmcli (except maybe via issue AT commands).

org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Sim: ModemManager Reference Manual (<>

Are these properties easily obtainable via mmcli?  I would think they should be, but I can't find out how.

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