NetworkTimeChanged signal doesn't seems to be working for Quectel

Toto Titi arkoseunderscore at
Mon Apr 24 16:48:38 UTC 2023

Hey Aleksander,
I do get the +CTZU notification, but it worked differently for quectel
because it doesn't receive the new time we need to check for +CTZE that's
the URC that we get when we receive notification that the time has been
For my use case, I would like to update my local time automatically on a
linux environment using modemmanager with quectel modules.
So right now I manage to change cinterion's function to process +CTZE
events and I receive the signal like this
GDBusProxy *proxy = g_dbus_proxy_new_sync(connection,
if (error != NULL) {
g_printerr("Error creating ModemManager1.Modem proxy: %s\n", error->message
return 1;

g_signal_connect(proxy, "g-properties-changed", G_CALLBACK(update_local_time
), NULL);
But I'm not sure it's the best way to process the signal


Le lun. 24 avr. 2023 à 12:43, Aleksander Morgado <aleksandermj at>
a écrit :

> Hey,
> >
> > I am trying to get notification from Quectel when there is a time
> change, I see that there is a signal NetworkTimeChanged for this but when I
> looked at the code, I see that the signal is not being emitted for Quectel
> modules.
> >
> True; we're not emitting those for all modem types. Do you get +CTZU
> notifications in your modem? Right now I think we're processing these
> only for cinterion modules.
> Also, what is your usecase? I assume you're interested on the timezone
> information exclusively, right?
> --
> Aleksander
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