ANN: ModemManager 1.22.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Wed Oct 11 12:48:15 UTC 2023

Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for 
the new 1.22.x stable series (the new "mm-1-22" branch in git).

Overview of changes in ModemManager 1.22.0

The following notes are directed to package maintainers:

  * This version now requires:
    ** libmbim >= 1.30.0 (for the optional MBIM support)
    ** libqmi >= 1.34.0 (for the optional QMI support)

  * The GNU autotools (autoconf/automake/libtool) support has been fully 
removed, this release requires the use of the meson build system.

  * Build:
    ** Flag types are now generated in their own files (e.g. 
    ** A new 'fuzzer' option is available to build LLVM LibFuzzer based 
unit testers.
    ** A new 'builtin_plugins' option is available to integrate all 
built plugins within the ModemManager daemon binary. This makes the 
daemon load much quicker as it doesn't dynamically load the plugins on 

The most important features and changes in this release are the following:

  * A new "MSG" (message) log verbosity level is introduced, which is 
also the new default one if none explicitly defined. This level takes 
the place of the old "INFO" level, as a level including the most 
important messages that should be logged without needing to be warnings 
or errors. The new "INFO" level is more verbose than "MSG" but less 
verbose than "DBG", and may be useful as default in systems where active 
debugging of WWAN related issues is required. E.g. all user operations 
triggered via DBus method calls are logged in "INFO" level.

  * Introduced the concept of "personal information" which should by 
default not be included in log messages. Enabling personal information 
in logs requires to run the daemon with the '--log-personal-info' 
option. This feature is mostly implemented for QMI and MBIM specific 
logs, but hasn't yet been included in generic daemon logs or when using 
the AT protocol. Changes and fixes related to this feature will be 
cherry-picked and included in the future stable branch updates.

  * API:
    ** Added new 'Modem.Physdev' property to unconditionally publish the 
physical modem device path.
    ** Updated the 'Modem.GetCellInfo()' method to include serving cell 
type and bandwidth information in LTE and 5GNR cells.
    ** New 'Modem3gpp.SetCarrierLock()' method to send the list of 
carrier network information to the modem.
    ** The 'SetLogging()' method allows a new "MSG" log level.

  * Core:
    ** The codebase has been updated to use GTask in all operations and 
there are no longer any deprecated methods from GLib being used.
    ** The port probing logic is now able to guess port type hints 
during runtime, e.g. based on the kernel driver in use or the wwan 
subsystem port 'type' attributes.
    ** Default probing and wait times have been increased, in order to 
cope with slow kernel events reporting new port additions.

  * Modem interface:
    ** Updated the logic loading unlock retries to allow restarting the 
check count based on the state reported by the device (e.g. if the SIM 
is detected but not fully ready during the last expected check, a new 
set of check retries is allowed).

  * 3GPP interface:
    ** Added support for packet service state updates via unsolicited 
    ** Added support for ignoring registration and packet service state 
updates if the interface has already been disabled.
    ** Updated initialization sequence to allow showing IMEI even if the 
device is locked.
    ** Logged available profiles in "INFO" level whenever they are listed.

  * Simple interface:
    ** Logged user provided settings during a connect attempt in "INFO" 
    ** Added support to abort an ongoing connect operation at any step 
in the state machine, e.g. if the modem is going to be disabled.
    ** Added support to explicitly request attaching to packet service 
during the connection attempt.

  * Signal interface:
    ** Added logic to rate-limit printing the extended signal 
information with "INFO" level, even if the actual refresh rate is higher.

  * New udev tags:
    ** The 'ID_MM_REQUIRED' port-specific udev tag allows users to 
specify that the modem must be able to succesfully probe and use the 
given control port.
    ** The 'ID_MM_MAX_MULTIPLEXED_LINKS' udev tag allows user to specify 
the maximum amount of multiplexed links the modem supports. This tag may 
be set to 0 to fully disable multiplexing support in the device.

  * mmcli:
    ** New '--messaging-create-sms-with-text' action to create a text 
SMS from the contents of a given file.
    ** New '--3gpp-set-carrier-lock' action to send the carrier lock 
data to the device.
    ** Updated '--modem' to always allow using the modem physdev path 
for lookup.

  * SMS:
    ** Improved the parsing of 3GPP and CDMA SMS parts, fixing multiple 
different errors that lead to unexpected crashes on SMS reception.

  * MBIM:
    ** Updated device model loading logic to use an AT port if available.
    ** Added support for the carrier lock feature using the Google MBIM 
    ** Implemented support for reporting serving cell type and bandwidth 
in the cell scan operation.
    ** Limited the amount of different APN types usable when MS 
extensions are unsupported.
    ** Updated packet service state info loading to use the values 
reported by the device instead of attempting to guess them.
    ** Updated IPv6 IP addressing logic to rely on whether the provided 
address is global or not to decide whether static or dynamic addressing 
is needed.

  * QMI:
    ** Implemented support for detecting and processing profile change 
indications, e.g. during a SIM card IMSI refresh operation.
    ** Implemented support for scanning LTE and 5GNR cells.
    ** Fixed operating mode update logic to avoid needing to receive 
indications, as old devices don't support them.
    ** Implemented multiplexing support for Qualcomm PCI devices using 
the MHI driver.
    ** Updated logic to read IPA tx/rx offload values from sysfs, making 
the IPA support work seamlessly in multiple different Qualcomm SoCs.
    ** Updated logic reading the SIM card operator identifier to avoid 
using the NAS service, as that sometimes involved actual network access. 
The new logic exclusively uses SIM card read operations (e.g. IMSI and 
    ** Consolidated the logic processing registration state from 
responses and indications.

  * Plugins:
    ** cinterion: implemented multiple-SIM support.
    ** fibocom: disabled multiplexing in the NL668, which doesn't 
support it.
    ** huawei: updated time interface to use ^NWTIME.
    ** quectel: added port type hints for the EG12, EC21, EM060, EM061 
and new EM120, EM160 and RM520 variants.

The following features which were backported to 1.20.x releases are also 
in ModemManager 1.22.0:

    ** build: new 'examples' option to allow disabling the installation 
of examples.
    ** mmcli: improved JSON output in network scan results.
    ** mmcli: improved JSON output when creating SMS messages.
    ** MBIM: ignored SIM related indications during a SIM slot switch 
    ** MBIM: updated capabilities loading to use Microsoft Extensions if 
    ** MBIM: updated supported modes loading to use the CustomDataClass 
field contents.
    ** QMI: fixed processing and exposing PCOs.
    ** cinterion: improved management of the ^SWWAN? operation.
    ** telit: improved support for 5G modems.
    ** messaging: allowed Delete operation during enabling/disabling.


About ModemManager:

Download and verify:
     $ git clone --depth 1 --branch 1.22.0
     $ cd ModemManager
     $ git tag --verify 1.22.0

APIs and manpages here:

Please report bugs either to:
     modemmanager-devel at

Or to gitlab:

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