May I commit binary files into MM project?

Slark Xiao slark_xiao at
Mon Oct 9 09:59:53 UTC 2023

At 2023-09-22 22:17:24, "Florian Eckert" <fe at> wrote:
>>> I have a concern about can we commit binary files into 
>>> /data/dispatcher-fcc-unlock folder?
>> If you want to dump a proprietary precompiled binary in the fcc-unlock
>> folder, the answer is "no" :)
>Regardless, these binaries would not run on other architectures!
Thanks for this notice.
>Therefore, they must be scripts or source code that can be compiled.
>The modem manager is used in OpenWrt and this distribution supports many 
>Best Regards
>Florian Eckert
And also thank you all for this clear answer. We'll consider it again.

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