Can ModemManager connect to multiple PDUs networks?

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Tue Jan 30 10:53:50 UTC 2024

> Thank you for your answer. This works, indeed, and it is the information I
> was looking for. However, I have a follow-up question:
> When using the multiplex property, a virtual interface called
> mbimmux<modem dbus id>.<vlan id> is created.
> Is it possible to control the interface name and the VLAN ID used for this
> interface? This would be useful for having a consistent/simple routing
> configuration in the system. For example if the modem is being reset, the
> virtual interface name will change as well. Having a predefined name for
> the virtual interface might be easier.
That is not possible right now, but it is a very good idea.

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