[Nice] Reg:How to use nice_tester-1.c with sofsip-client

gmrammohan gmrammohan at tataelxsi.co.in
Wed Oct 10 08:24:36 PDT 2007

Hi All
   I followed the procedures that u had mentioned.
   But while executing it throwed an error : Cannot find Makefile.in

   After including Makefile , ./configure was successful ,but make showed
the error
   : /usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.1.0/../../../crtl.o : In function
_start : Undefined refrence
     main , ld returned 1 exit status.

    Kindly help me in the problem i faced while executing ./configure &&

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On 10 Oct 2007,  gmrammohan wrote:
>         Does anyone know how to test libnice (open source ice
>library) with sofsip client phone. I have linked libnice to
>sofsip client .

you can find quick instructions at:

But here's somewhat updated instructions:

Getting and compiling the NICE fullmode branch

sh> darcs get http://projects.collabora.co.uk/~kvehmane/nice/
sh> cd nice
sh> autoreconf --force --install
sh> ./configure && make && make install
sh> darcs get http://sofia-sip.org/repos/sofsip-cli
sh> cd sofsip-cli
sh> autoreconf --force --install
sh> ./configure && make
sh> cd src

Running test client 1 (answering party)

sh> ./sofsip-cli sip:user1 at provider1.net --media-impl=nice --autoanswer
# if password protected account, provide the password
sofsip-cli> k mypassword

Running test client 2 (caller)
sh> ./nice_tester sip:user2 at provider2.net sip:user1 at provider1.net
testpassword && echo "SUCCESS"


If the above prints out "SUCCESS", the connectivity was succesfully

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