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Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 10:35:46 PST 2008

I see the API for libnice docs, and the sample code provided, but in lack of
narrative docs explaining how the pieces fit together I'm having trouble
understanding how the callback structure works.

Does liboil spawn new threads per connection to wait for new data to pass to
callbacks, or is there a mainloop function I'm missing, or a function for
"check for new data"?

Similarly, is there a function provided to wait for connection signals to
"get fired"?

I see in the source comments such as '''note that streams/candidates can be
in use by other threads''' but without combing through the source I don't
have a clear idea of how this library works overall.

Another question, is the Jingle support mode in compliance with Google's
gTalk implementation of Jingle or the XMPP draft standard for XMPP/Jingle?

Thanks in advance
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