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Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com
Thu Jan 24 10:28:26 PST 2008


replying to two mails at once:

On  17 Jan 2008, Dafydd Harries wrote:
>I just merged Kai and Rémy's full mode branch. I think it's 
>better to merge it now and fix problems later than to try and 
>get it perfect before merging.

Hey, great, this is good news! And a very, very important step to
get libnice forward. 

>I've managed to make Nice integrate somewhat with Farsight, 
>including making calls via Telepathy, though in some cases the 
>call seems to deadlock. I haven't gotten around to debugging 
>it yet. Here are the changes I made to Nice, Farsight and 
>Telepathy's Stream Engine:

I went through the diffs quickly and they looked ok to me.
Actually I'm surprised that it didn't take any more changes
to farsight and stream-engine to add libnice support -- nice! :) 
Do you have plans on how to maintain the farsight/s-e diffs (maybe
maintain a darcs branch for libnice intergration)...?

>The main question now is whether we should try and change the 
>API before making an initial release.

Yes. Basicly we never quite settled this thread:

My last post was:

I think we could try to solve this add_remote_candidate/set_candidates
issue still. But, but, I'm ok with making a release as well. It's also
true that it's hard for others to start using libnice until there's
at least one release out. We should have a disclaimer that the API can
still change, though.

first.surname at nokia.com (Kai Vehmanen)

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