[Nice] SIP forking?

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Mon Jun 23 05:41:50 PDT 2008


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>I'm in the process of fixing the candidate-setting API in 
>Farsight2. One
>issue where I am not certain how to proceed is SIP forking, since
>libnice doesn't support it yet.
>I guess one would have to set more than one set of remote 
>candidates and
>do connectivity checks with them before selecting the set that will be
>Or would be call set_remote_candidates() with one set of candidates...
>and then if its not the one that's chosen, do a ICE restart and re-set
>the candidates from the chosen partner?

I guess the latter would be much simpler to implement.
However, nice might need to respond to connectivity checks from candidates it doesn't know about yet, and somehow merge the state if these candidates are set at a later time, as the result of a fork resolution.


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