[Nice] unexported symbols in libnice used in test code

purushottam.naik at nokia.com purushottam.naik at nokia.com
Fri Aug 21 04:30:13 PDT 2009


I have been trying to port libnice to symbian. I could build entire libnice code. But while building the test code, I am getting some linker errors.
The errors I am getting because the test code is trying to use apis in libnice.dll which are not exported. My question is should these symbols are also be exported?
For example, nice_candidate_ice_priority is not an exported function, but test-priority.c is using this function.  So, should I export nice_candidate_ice_priority as well? I am assuming that the only symbols that supposed to be exported are the ones in libnice.sym.

In symbian, the functions are exported only when they are marked as EXPORT_C in their declarations. But in nix functions are exported by default unless they are marked as static .
As of now I have exported only symbols that are present in libnice.sym. Can somebody clarify if I should be exporting these symbols used in test code as well?


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