[Nice] Bug: Gather candidates never completes

Tom Kaminski ttkaminski at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 18:40:12 PDT 2010

>> adjust the timeout for the discovery part.  I've updated the  values
>> so that it times out after 2.3 seconds which is tolerable.
> Yes, for connectivity checks, we don't really care, 9 seconds for 'connecting'
> is quite fine.. but for stun it's too much..
> How did you come up with the 2.3 seconds ? what is the upper limit and what is
> the initial delay interval you set ? and why those values? Did you do some
> testing to see if it's more efficient in real life or did you just take it
> randomly ?

Here is what I am using now:
#define STUN_INIT_TIMEOUT 300 //600
#define STUN_END_TIMEOUT 1000 //4800

I tried using smaller timeout values (ie. STUN_END_TIMEOUT=500), but
then the connection establishment started to fail.  So I bumped it up
to 1000 ms.  The round trip time between my computer (winnipeg) and
peers in central europe is around 250 ms so four times that value
should be fairly safe.  The total timeout = STUN_INIT_TIMEOUT +
2*STUN_END_TIMEOUT = 2.3 seconds.  Not quite random, but I didn't do
any exhaustive testing either.  What I can say is that these timeout
values are working well for me so far.

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