[Nice] upnp support on windows

Tom Kaminski ttkaminski at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 11:19:50 PST 2010

I am using libnice under windows and I have the library compiled
without upnp support.  I am trying to learn more about upnp and
evaluating the feasibility of compiling it in.  I have found that
there is already a version of libgupnp that has been ported to windows
(see: http://gitorious.org/~phako/gupnp/phako-gupnp) but the gupnp-igd
library doesn't seem to have been ported yet, but my guess is that it
would be easy to port because it's a simple API.

Has anyone successfully compiled libnice with upnp under windows yet?
Is upnp support actually useful?  How often would upnp be essential to

BTW, libnice is being used in a windows PC game: "Clones" that was
released on Nov 19th.  It's been working good for the most part, but
occasionally there are cases where connection establishment fails.
This is why I am investigating upnp support.


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