[Nice] upnp support on windows

Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 12:41:20 PST 2010

I don't think anyone ever compiled libnice with upnp support for windows.
but if there's a port, then that would be good, last time I checked, the windows
port of libgupnp was non-functional and incomplete, so I never tried it.
Yes, gupnp-igd is fairly simple (and doesn't do anything low level, it just uses
libgupnp directly) so porting it would probably just require you to compile it
and no more.
UPnP is useful in some situations, When you look at the types of NATs
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_address_translation#Types_of_NAT) you will
see that STUN will not work with some types of NAT, and in the rare 5% or 10%
cases where the users have a symmetric NAT and connectivity can't be
established, then *if* they have upnp enabled in their router, then it solves
the issue entirely because the ports get opened directly without the need for
any sort of trick that may or may not work. It should lower the failure rates at
least for those who have symmetric NATs trying to connect to other symmetric NAT

Congratulations on the release of the game! I hope it's being successful :)


On 12/09/2010 02:19 PM, Tom Kaminski wrote:
> I am using libnice under windows and I have the library compiled
> without upnp support.  I am trying to learn more about upnp and
> evaluating the feasibility of compiling it in.  I have found that
> there is already a version of libgupnp that has been ported to windows
> (see: http://gitorious.org/~phako/gupnp/phako-gupnp) but the gupnp-igd
> library doesn't seem to have been ported yet, but my guess is that it
> would be easy to port because it's a simple API.
> Has anyone successfully compiled libnice with upnp under windows yet?
> Is upnp support actually useful?  How often would upnp be essential to
> connectivity?
> BTW, libnice is being used in a windows PC game: "Clones" that was
> released on Nov 19th.  It's been working good for the most part, but
> occasionally there are cases where connection establishment fails.
> This is why I am investigating upnp support.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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