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Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
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This is basically the question about "how open is google". They released
libjingle by taking a snapshot of their development tree at some point, then
they completely modified how the turn server works, but never updated/released
that.. I personally never tried libnice against the turn server from libjingle,
but I've read its code (headache) and I had to reverse engineer the real google
servers because they work completely differently from what's in libjingle's code.

If you use the NICE_COMPATIBILITY_GOOGLE mode, then it's possible it won't work
with the libjingle turn server simply because it's outdated. I suggest you try
it and see for yourself whether or not it works.

Either way, I see absolutely no reason any sane person in the world would decide
to use libjingle for anything (apart from looking for a migraine). If you want a
TURN server, I suggest you check turnserver.org as Marcus suggested. They should
have a version that uses draft 9 of the TURN spec (which is what libnice
currently supports), but I will soon review patches from Marcus and merge proper
TURN RFC support into libnice which should make it work with the latest version
of turnserver.org.
Other solution would be to (temporarily) use Marcus' branch of libnice until it
get merged upstream : https://github.com/mlundblad/libnice/

Hope it helps.

On 11/08/2010 04:59 PM, Marcus Lundblad wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible to use libnice with turn server from libjingle? This is
>> assuming the agent is created with NICE_COMPATIBILITY_GOOGLE. Also, if
>> this works, does this mean I'd also have to use libjingle stun server?
>> Is there a way to use libjingle relay (or any other relay server that
>> would actually work with libnice) while using libnice stun server?
>> Thanks a lot.
>> -Matej
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> libnice in NICE_COMPATIBILITY_GOOGLE mode should use the TURN draft
> version that Google's servers use. Though, Google has its own mechanism
> by which clients fetches short-term credentials via HTTP. I'm not sure
> if the server supplied by libjingle supports this, or maybe it ignores
> credentials, not sure about that.
> Older versions of turnserver.org's server should work out of the box
> with libnice, the newest ones uses an updated version of the protocol
> (specified in the TURN RFC). Support for this is in progress for
> libnice.
> //Marcus 
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