[Nice] Stuntman v1.1 - open source STUN server

John Selbie jselbie at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 04:16:37 PST 2012

Greetings again Nice community and developers,

I have released an update to my open source STUN server project, now called
Stuntman. Stuntman is a STUN server and client code library that implements
RFCs 5389 and 5780 with backwards compatibility with RFC 3489. As discussed
before, STUN is one element of a NAT traversal and P2P connectivity
solution. And it may be used to complement an ICE implementation such as

Version 1.1 now supports several new features including

   * TCP support

   * Better interop support with other STUN client libraries

   * Easier to compile.

   * Supports more operating systems in addition to Linux (BSD, Solaris,
MacOS Lion)

   * A few bug fixes too

The code now has its own website: http://www.stunprotocol.org . The source
package can be downloaded from this site, as well as from the project's
GitHub site: https://github.com/jselbie/stunserver

Comments, feedback, and requests for support are definitely welcome.

John Selbie
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