[Nice] testing nat behavior of a tool integrating nice and goalbit with pjsua or TUM nat analyzer

Federico Kouyoumdjian fedekp at autistici.org
Mon Oct 1 12:26:12 PDT 2012

We are students of a University in Uruguay (South America). We are 
testing a program that integrates Nice to Goalbit.

We have configured a Linux Ubuntu box to act as a router between the 
debian host where Goalbit/Nice is running and the ADSL connection. We 
used iptables according to the asterisk wiki to simulate the different 
kind of NATs (full cone, port restricted, restricted cone and symmetric).

With the tool pjsua we have detected the nat-types full cone, port 
restricted and symmetric but when we configure the Ubuntu box to 
simulate nat type restricted cone the pjsua detects full cone.

We wanted another tool to contrast this result but we started the 
nattest in many situations (mainly debian or ubuntu with firefox or 
epiphany and it starts but never reachs any result. How long is it 
supposed to take? Does it require any operating system or browser to run 

Does anyone know another tool to do nat type detection or another way to 
simulate restricted cone nat type?


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