[Nice] Integrity check failed (stun?)

Federico Kouyoumdjian fedekp at autistici.org
Wed Oct 10 11:08:48 PDT 2012

We are now facing this message "Integrity check failed". We checked the 
code and it seems to be stun the reason.

     nice_debug ("Agent %p : Integrity check failed.", agent);


     nice_debug ("Agent %p : Integrity check failed.", agent);

We are using this pjsip stun server. ¿Is there any better to work with 
#define STUN_ADDR ""
#define STUN_PORT 3478

In this link it shows that from version 0.0.13 to version 0.1.0 there 
was a change in the headers so we guess that this could be the reason 
since we recently upgraded to the newer versions of libnice (currently 
trying with version 0.1.2 but also have tried with version 0.1.3, and up 
to the last week we were using version 0.0.13

This is the log of nice:

(process:19586): libnice-DEBUG: Agent 0x9c89998 : Packet received on 
local socket 15 from []:33646 (28 octets).
(process:19586): libnice-DEBUG: Agent 0x9c89998: inbound STUN packet for 
1/1 (stream/component) from []:33646 (28 octets) :
STUN demux: OK!
(process:19586): libnice-DEBUG: Agent 0x9c89998 : Integrity check failed.


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