[Nice] No Candidates gathered and printed to string.

Максим Ерёменко maksyarik at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 07:14:08 PST 2013

Hello everybody.
I'm trying to make work some examples  from libnice examples folder under
win32, compiling via express VC++ 2010. After some struggling I succesfully
compiled  sdp-example, and then, after stumbling on some unworkability I
moved to simple-example, but on testing encounter the same problem.

Problem that I'm encounter is about Candidates. They are simply absent.
I mean that there is no candidates at all, not in sdp string (64encoded or
decoded), creating in sdp-example, nor in string, created by
print_local_data in simple-example;
in fact in simple-example in
cands = nice_agent_get_local_candidates(agent, stream_id, component_id);
  if (cands == NULL)
    goto end;
"cands" is == NULL and function goes to end and prints empty string. (The
same NULL candidates thing is happening in sdp-example, as I get it,
instead of empty string, sdp-example prints a string without Cands in it -
not much better)

Another one thing, that i mentioned, that
g_debug("SIGNAL candidate gathering done\n"); and the string to copy and
paste in my case printed BEFORE
g_debug("waiting for candidate-gathering-done signal...");
It seems that candidate gathering is just instant without any delay to wait.

As STUN server I'm using stun.stunprotocol.org (start params: "1
stun.stunprotocol.org" , maybe I messed up something here?) and get printed
that using [stun.stunprotocol.org]:3478.
And if i jsut put here some stuff that makes no sence insted of
stun.stunprotocol.org, yet no "trying to connect" delay, or
failed-to-connect-something, is there must be one, or not?

Hope that I'm just loosing something pretty simple.
Thx in advance, Max.
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