[Nice] a question on libnice

Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 11:47:18 PST 2013

On 01/17/2013 08:22 PM, Igenyar Saharam wrote:
> Hi,
> For secure communication, does libnice has API for secure send/recv (I searched
> but not found)? If so, is there way to program secure communication over libnice
> (e.g., combining with OpenSSL)?
> Thanks


That's a good question.
No, libnice doesn't have an API for that specifically. However, there is no
reason for you not to be able to use OpenSSL directly to encrypt/decrypt
messages before sending them/after receiving them. It should be fairly easy to
write wrappers around the send/recv functions. I would suggest using DTLS since
by default libnice uses UDP, but if you use reliable mode, you should be able to
use normal TLS too.
I am however not sure on how the OpenSSL API works. If you can use it to
independently encrypt/decrypt messages, then you'll be fine, but if you have to
give it a socket and use the OpenSSL API instead, that might be an issue.
Let me know if you find something in their API that can be used. I'm curious
about your results.


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