[Nice] public API to get selected pair

Bryce Allen ballen at ci.uchicago.edu
Tue Jan 22 14:03:43 PST 2013

I notice that there is nice_agent_set_selected_pair, but not
get_selected_pair. I would like to use libnice to add ICE support to an
existing UDT application that can't use nice_agent_send and
nice_agent_attach_recv. Re-writing the application to replace UDT with
libnice reliable transport would require lots of work, and the
application needs to continue to work when libnice is not available.

If I can get the selected pair, I can destroy NiceAgent and
immediately bind to the local base address and send to remote, before
any intermediate firewall sessions timeout. UDT sends frequent keep
alives so once the application takes over the bindings will be

The only way I can see to do this now is with private API from
agent/component.h. I can get the foundations from the new-selected-pair
signal and call component_find_pair. Is there a better way using public
API? If not would you consider a patch that adds such an API?

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