[Nice] question about asymetric path

Madaro Livio livio.madaro at telecomitalia.it
Tue Mar 26 04:17:41 PDT 2013

I've a use case where libnice client uses different path to send and receive data. The configuration is the following:

-          One libnice client (client A) in the corporate intranet.

-          One libnice client (client B) connected to big internet by a ADSL/NAT

-          One UDP TURN server reachable from the corporate intranet and from big internet

Client A and B both allocate a TURN port. The TURN server allocates port 10000 for client A and port 20000 for client B.
At the end of the ICE processing libnice select an asymmetric path:

-          client A sends direct  UDP data to port 20000 (port B) at the TURN server and receives data from the TURN server using STUN DataIndication

-          client B sends direct UDP data to port 10000 (port A) at the TURN server and receives data from TURN server using STUN DataIndication

I don't understand if asymmetric path is supported by the ICE protocol or is forbidden. What do you think?

The problem is that in this situation libnice doesn't refresh the TURN CreatePermission because the client is receiving but is not transmitting using STUN/TURN .
By the way, in this use case libnice doesn't always select the same path. Sometimes a symmetrical path is selected, sometimes an asymmetric path is selected.


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