[Nice] state transition of established link: ready -> connected -> ready

Aleksej Frank aleksejfrank at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 16 07:36:20 PST 2013


I am using libnice to establish links between peers.

In some situation the behaviour of the established links (both peers 
reached the state "ready") is wierd: The state of one peer suddenly 
changes from ready to connected and after it once again to ready,
while the other peer's state doesn't change (still remains "ready"). Is 
this probably a bug in libnice or a feature of ICE that i didn't know of?

In case it's relevant:
- Each peer creates two NiceAgents (ControllingAgent and 
ControlledAgent), both run in their own gloop.
- NICE_COMPATIBILITY_RFC5245 is set for each NiceAgent, only one stun 
server and no turn servers are used.
- Sometimes single streams are removed (nice_agent_remove_stream), but 
of course not the ones that show wierd behaviour.
- Some libnice-Functions are called from multiple threads: I think 
shouldn't be a problem,  as libnice is threadsafe anyway?

I would apreciate any hint on this problem!


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