[Nice] Fw: patch: nice_agent_get_selected_socket

Bryce Allen ballen at ci.uchicago.edu
Sat Nov 16 15:17:56 PST 2013

Forgot to CC the list. I'll work on adding a test too, as Rohan


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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:35:25 -0600
From: Bryce Allen <ballen at ci.uchicago.edu>
To: Olivier Crête <olivier.crete at collabora.com>
Subject: Re: [Nice] patch: nice_agent_get_selected_socket

On Thu, 14 Nov 2013 17:10:58 -0500
Olivier Crête <olivier.crete at collabora.com> wrote:
> I also think returning a GSocket is the right level.
> I think you're not the first one to want this. One question, why do
> you just not return a GSocket * or NULL instead of having a separate
> boolean and GSocket** ?
I was trying to be consistent with nice_agent_get_selected_pair, but
I guess it's using out variables because it needs to return two
things. Attached is a modified version that returns GSocket *.

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