[Nice] Trying to compile sdp-example under win32

Максим Ерёменко maksyarik at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 14:27:49 PDT 2013

Hello again.
If anyone answered my question, can you please resend directly to me (
Maksyarik at gmail.com)? Cos it seems, that for some reason, I can't recieve
mails from mail list. If not, then i'm just waiting.

2013/10/16 Максим Ерёменко <maksyarik at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone.
> As header says - I encounter some problems, while trying to compile
> sdp-example from examples folder under win32 via Visual Studio 2010 Express.
> As i understand, despite the fact, that nicelib is crossplatform stuff,
> this example was made for compilation under UNIX, And now, as I'm working
> with win32, and, it seems, struggling from lack of knowledge, I hope you
> can help me with some problems and questions in small list below:
> 1)error C2079: 'gather_mutex' ( and 'negotiate_mutex') uses undefined
> struct '_GMutex' (same with gather_cond and negotiate_cond). Fixed by
> making Gcond and Gmutex 'extern' instead of 'static', is it suitable fix?
> 2)error C3861: 'usleep': identifier not found. As i get it this one
> declared in Unistd.h, that refers to UNIX system, let's assume that I can
> replace it with some appropriate win32 function (I can, right?), or will
> add needed UNIX headers.
> 3)error C3861: 'g_thread_new': identifier not found. This one is the most
> unclear one for me. Due to my understanding, g_thread_new must be declared
> somewhere in glib, but it seems that i just dont know what i need to
> include, or maybe there is no g_thread_new in version of glib, that i get
> from the link in REAME.win32 (2.28.8).
> My inclusions are:
> #include <stdlib.h>
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <string.h>
> #include <ctype.h>
> #include <io.h>
> #include "agent.h"
> #include "gio/gio.h"
> #include "glib.h"
> #include "gio-win32-2.0/gio/gwin32inputstream.h"
> #include "gio-win32-2.0/gio/gwin32outputstream.h"
> Thanks for the help in advance.
> Max.
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