[libnice] Libnice 0.1.17 on Windows

B Andrei yo8tot at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 01:58:08 PDT 2014


I made a VS2013 Express project with Libnice 0.1.17. After adding all required dependencies I try to compile simple_example but it doesn't display the candidate list. The output is like this (I replace g_debug with printf to display all messages):

Agent 00A09E78 : allocating stream id 1 (00A0CFE8)Agent 00A09E78 : In ICE-FULL m
ode, starting candidate gathering.Agent 00A09E78 : libnice compiled without UPnP
 supportAgent 00A09E78: Candidate gathering FINISHED, no scheduled items.Copy th
is line to remote client:

Enter remote data (single line, no wrapping):

I got the same result with Emanuele's project (who was very kind to send me his files). He use only turn. Since it exit emediately I suspect it doesn't even try to connect to stun server.

I'm not familiar with Libnice internal stuff, but any help would be greatly apreciated. Here is my project:

Best regards
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