[libnice] version 0.1.7 unstable on windows

Emanuele Bizzarri emabiz76 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 23:03:48 PDT 2014

I'm using revision c2ccb1634542f7d9c2a87aa46af027e6df386dd8 I got on
repository about in genuary.
It worked well, but I've found some little issues so I want to update to
last stable version 0.1.7.

I'm using visual studio 2010 express.
In order to compile succesfully I have made some modifications to the code:
1. substitute all inline declaration into __inline
2. added G_IO_ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE to GIOErrorEnum
3. Added inttypes.h to the project

It compiles but its behaviour seems quite instable.
First I've used glib 2.34:

In this case, example projects got stuck. For example, if I use project
"test", it doesn't exit from the statement:
g_object_unref (agent);

at the end of the code.

Then I've tried using binaries contained inside gstreamer project 1.3.90
which contains glib 2.40 (I continued to use the gtk source code for
compiling libnice).
Now the examples run well, but if I use libnice.dll in my application it
has an unstable behaviour.
It seems inside the receiving callback.
It crashes randomly. It is not easy to debug for me because if I run
from visual studio the crash doesn't happen but the application get
stuck. Maybe it is something related to multithreading.

Can you help me, please?
Can you give any suggestion in order to get libnice working on windows?

Thank you in advance


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