[libnice] version 0.1.7 unstable on windows

Philip Withnall philip at tecnocode.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 00:37:22 PDT 2014


On Tue, 2014-07-08 at 08:03 +0200, Emanuele Bizzarri wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using revision c2ccb1634542f7d9c2a87aa46af027e6df386dd8 I got on
> repository about in genuary.
> It worked well, but I've found some little issues so I want to update to
> last stable version 0.1.7.
> I'm using visual studio 2010 express.
> In order to compile succesfully I have made some modifications to the code:
> 1. substitute all inline declaration into __inline
> 2. added G_IO_ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE to GIOErrorEnum
> 3. Added inttypes.h to the project

Can you please send in a patch with these changes? Some of them, like
(1) and (3) sound like they should be committed upstream. Problem number
(2) is because our GLib dependency needs updating to 2.36. I will fix
that in master.

> In this case, example projects got stuck. For example, if I use project
> "test", it doesn't exit from the statement:
> g_object_unref (agent);
> at the end of the code.

In order to help you debug this we will need a full backtrace of all
threads at the point where it gets stuck, plus a libnice log. I don’t
know how to get a backtrace out of Visual Studio, but it should be
possible. If you set NICE_DEBUG=all G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all in your
environment variables you will get debug logs from libnice.

> Then I've tried using binaries contained inside gstreamer project 1.3.90
> which contains glib 2.40 (I continued to use the gtk source code for
> compiling libnice).
> Now the examples run well, but if I use libnice.dll in my application it
> has an unstable behaviour.
> It seems inside the receiving callback.
> It crashes randomly. It is not easy to debug for me because if I run
> from visual studio the crash doesn't happen but the application get
> stuck. Maybe it is something related to multithreading.

Again, we can’t help much without a backtrace (of all threads). Would it
be possible to run your program without the debugger, but then get
Visual Studio to automatically attach one when the crash happens?

I have recently had libnice working on Windows (albeit compiled with
MinGW rather than Visual Studio), so it can work. :-)

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